Testosterone: Importance and Its Functions

Testosterone is the steroid functions as the primary male sex hormone. Source of secretion of testosterone is primarily testicals in males and ovaries in females and alternatively adrenal glands in small amounts.

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Another important attribute of testosterone is its function as an anabolic steroid which is responsible for muscle growth, bone mass and growth of body hair.

As a sex hormone it is imminent in the production of sperms and other male reproductive tissues in the prostrate and testis. The production and usage of testosterone is relatively much higher, up to 20 times than in females, in males. Also testosterone is responsible for the characteristic psychological aspects in males.

As formerly mentioned the steroid responsible for muscle growth is testosterone, higher the testosterone, lower the possibility to store fat in body parts. Rather it is burned for muscle production and to make up space for new muscle tissues.

The reverse is also substantive; when the amount of body fat is inclined, the testosterone production is declined.

Also body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase, which has the ability to convert testosterone into estrogen, the female sex hormone responsible for the curvaceous arrangement of body fat in woman body. A characteristic aspect of obesity due to low testosterone level is more belly fat.

Cardio Vs Weight Training

Body building is enormously tied up with testosterone. Weight training highly stimulates this steroid hormone production rather than cardio work outs like running, jumping and skipping.

The more you work out with weights, the more will be the testosterone production. This also use up glycogen storages in the body rapidly and so have to burn fat for energy production.

How to boost Testosterone?

Boosting testosterone levels can be achieved through healthy lifestyle changes. For starters, regular exercise is an important factor. Overall, making these lifestyle modifications can help to significantly increase testosterone levels.

  1. Lifestyle measures like having adequate sleep and reducing alcohol consumption can restores the testosterone to normal level.
  2. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been found to be particularly effective for this purpose.
  3. A diet rich in protein, healthy fat & complex carbohydrates are known to enhance testosterone.
  4. Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D, zinc and magnesium can help optimize t-hormone.
  5. Reducing stress levels and getting adequate sleep can also help to boost testo.
  6. Dietary changes can also be beneficial. Increasing intake of healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, can help to naturally increase testosterone levels.
  7. A peculiar lifestyle action that can induce more testosterone production is having more sex or more erections!
  8. Modern body building studies suggest reducing carbohydrates won’t help in boosting testosterone level. Adequate amount of carbs have to be consumed along with protein rich food.
  9. Lastly, certain herbal supplements have also been reported to boost testosterone, although more research is needed in this area.

Drugs and Enhancers

Since body building is a popular sport, a wide variety of testosterone supplements and medication are available in market to enhance muscle growth and shed body fat.

Likewise many steroids over usage of testosterone can have considerable side-effects such as aggressiveness, increased chance for stroke etc.

Also sudden halt of drugs like Testosterone IM can induces severe withdrawal symptoms such as tiredness, weakness and depression.

Testosterone replacement surgeries are available for men encountered with andropause. The possible side-effects of this therapy are reducing with the advancement in medical field.


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