Bontril Review How it Works

Bontril is a brand of diet pills that use phendimetrazine as its active ingredient. It can only be bought with a doctor’s prescription and must be used in coordination with your physician.

Bontril comes in different strengths in dosage, depending on the needs of the patient. This is usually prescribed for those who need to rapidly reduce their weight either as a anti-obesity method or to avoid medical issues and complications associated with obesity.

Bonril diet pill 105mg

Ingredient Highlights

The main active ingredient in Bontril is phendimetrazine, which works by stimulating your brain’s hypothalamus to produce more norepinephrine and dopamine. The norepinephrine switches on the “flight or fight” mode in your body, thus reducing the hunger pangs and increasing the energy level of the body to burn fat (to sustain the “fight” aspect).

This is similar to how epinephrine is used in severe allergic reactions. The dopamine, on the other hand, raises your heart rate and blood pressure to better equip you in burning more fat and exercising more. Think of it as an energy boost in your body.


Most people fear the use of diet pills due to the rumored side effects. You should know that these medications are formulated for a reason – and this is to help those who need to lose weight get a jumpstart. Here are the top reasons why you should take Bontril:

  1. Bontiril is an appetite suppressant that simply reduces your hunger pangs, nothing more, nothing less.
  2. You are not stimulating other hormones in your body aside from the hypothalamus, which is the control center for the hormones. This means that Bontril can allow you rapid weight loss, depending on the pacing instructed by your doctor.
  3. Bontril allows for the burning of stored fats, it does not just stop the creation of fat in your body. So not only are you not getting any fatter, you are also getting thinner.
  4. You only need to take Bontril once a day. This is good for those who lead hectic lifestyles or those who are forgetful.


Here are the adverse reactions that you should watch out for when taking Bontril:

  1. Insomnia – due to the hyperactivity in your brain and in your body, you can easily feel restless and this can result to bouts of insomnia.
  2. You can also develop an allergic reaction to Bontriol such as development of hives, asthma attacks, dry mouth incidents and stomach pain.
  3. Reports of tremors, seizures and severe headaches were also encountered in some rare cases of use of Bontril.

Pricing and Promotion

Bontril can be bought in bottles good for a month’s use of the drug. However, with recent FDA rulings regarding the sale of phendimetrazine, Bontril cannot be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. And definitely cannot be purchased on line. Get in touch with your physician if you believe that this drug can help you.

Better Options

  1. Phen375 – this is very safe and effective Phentermine alternative.  On top of that, it has over 10 years of success to back its claims. Buy Phen375 now
  2. Clenbutrol – it is marketed as safe alternative to banned Clenbuterol anabolic steroid. It mimics the powerful fat burning effect of Clen and Ephedra. Visit official site
  3. Biotrust Leptiburn – This is very good weight loss supplement. Moreover, it has no stimiulants like caffeine. Hence there is no side effects. Visit official site

The Bottom Line

As with any RX-required drug, take Bontril as how your physician instructed you to.  It should only be taken with their supervision. The side effects can easily outweigh the positive weight-reduction effects. So, make sure that you follow your doctor’s orders when taking it. You should look for an alternative supplement if you cannot get a doctor’s prescription for Bontril.