Biotrust IC-5 Review – Insulin regulator

Biotrust IC-5

BioTrust Nutrition’s IC-5 is an insulin regulating supplement that is designed to help improve your insulin levels and increase your insulin sensitivity. It also improves your overall health and energy levels which aid in better fat loss.

Regulating insulin production is a common element of popular diets such as Atkins, the Paleo Diet, Warrior Diet and recent trend Ketogenic Diet. While those diets are incredibly effective, they can be difficult for busy people to stick to.

IC-5 from BioTrust is a convenient and simple supplement that has the same effect, without the expense, hassle and complications of following a restrictive diet.

This product is no longer available. Please consider Berbamx for reversing type-2 diabetes

Warning and most important fact to consider!

BioTrust IC5 is not a miracle pille. You will still need to exercise and control your food portion to lose weight and stay fit and healthy. In other words, you need to somehow cause calorie deficit in your body with restrictive diet or exercise. What  IC-5 does is, it ensures that your efforts are not wasted. Instead of fighting you at every meal, your body will help you, and you will feel fitter and  healthier.

This supplement is great choice if you are trying to lose weight, but have abnormal sugar and carb craving.

What Does IC-5 Contain?

You have already heard lot about these ingredients on popular TV shows like Dr. Oz, Oprah and even on many Health-Talks. So I’m not going to bore you by explaining all them in detail.

IC-5 increases your insulin sensitivity by using five active ingredients. It is a unique blend of 5 stimulant-free, research-backed ingredients. They are Berberine, Cinnamon, Zychrome® (chromium), Benfotiamine, and Naringin.

Based on various researches, these ingredients have been proven to reduce blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity and discourage fat storage.

It maybe worthwhile to note why these ingredients are important and how they work.

Chromium (as chromium dinicocysteinate [Zychrome®]

Is a branded, trademarked, and researched-backed [link] ingredient that has been shown to promote insulin sensitivity and healthy insulin function. Taking 400μg of Zychrome daily (the exact same amount in IC-5)for 12 weeks has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity by 30%.


It is extracted from the root of a edible berry Aristata. It is shown to reduce blood sugar level both in human & animal studies (link). Its effectiveness is comparable to diabetic drug Metformin (trade name Glucophage)

25:1 Cinnamon bark extract (Cinnamon Cassia)

It is standardized for 30% polyphenols, the bioactive components of cinnamon. Cinnamon has been shown to reduce [link] blood sugar levels by enhancing insulin sensitivity and by inhibiting the activity of certain carbohydrate-digesting enzymes.


It is a derivative of Thiamine, helps burn off and block the body’s ability to manufacture Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs). AGEs play a significant role in oxidative stress, impaired glucose function, and aging. A recent study [link]demonstrated that taking Benfotiamine before a carbohydrate-containing meal that was also high in AGEs was markedly effective at improving carbohydrate management and reducing harmful AGEs within hours.

Naringin (from citrus fruit):

Is a flavonoid found naturally in grapefruits and other citrus fruits. It has been shown to inhibit P-glycoprotein (P-gp), a compound that can reduce the absorption of Berberine by as much as 90%. By inhibiting P-gp, Naringin has the potential to double the bioavailability of compounds like Berberine.

Benfotiamine and Naringin both provide direct antioxidant support, which plays an important role in promoting insulin sensitivity and improving carbohydrate management.

IC-5 is not a drug, it is a supplement full of naturally occurring substance. You could, in theory, achieve similar results taking each of these extracts individually or by eating foods that contain them. However, sourcing and managing such a supplementation regimen would be hard work, and likely more expensive than purchasing a single supplement.

Why Care About Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone that is made naturally in the body. This hormone is designed to regulate your blood sugar. After a high carbohydrate meal, insulin is supposed to take those blood sugars and store them in muscle tissue. This works effectively if you consume a low carbohydrate diet, or you are a very active athlete.

The Problem

Sedentary people who follow a western diet that is high in carbohydrates frequently develop insulin resistance. This condition means that the insulin receptors in your body don’t work as effectively as they should. Insulin no longer effectively reduces your blood sugar levels, and your body starts to store more fat, and becomes less efficient at burning fat.

Why Insulin resistance makes it harder to lose weight? Watch the following video by Dr. Cederquist

What happens if I ignore insulin resistance?

If left unchecked, insulin resistance can cause type II diabetes, and has also been linked to a range of other health conditions, including Alzheimers, strokes, heart disease and even premature aging. Insulin sensitivity is an almost invisible condition, but it is a serious one, and not something that you should ignore.

Ideally, your body should be sensitive to insulin. Meaning, a small amount of insulin is able to clear your body of blood sugar, and then your body can get back to the job you want it to be doing; burning fat.

BioTrust IC-5 is designed to increase your body’s insulin sensitivity and improve glycogen uptake. It ensures that when you eat carbs, they’re stored as an energy reserve in your muscles, but not fat cells.

How to reduce insulin resistance without IC-5 supplement? Any alternatives?

Lifestyle change is the key to better health. Commonsense healthy eating & regular physical activity should be part of your life. If you need a system or a plan to follow, then have a look at following programs.

  1. If you can follow Raw, Paleo or Warrior diet for 1-3 months with light cardio exercises, that’s really sufficient. Following pure vegan diet without grains also works really well. I suggest following Paleo diet because it is lot more practical. Get this inexpensive Paleo Recipe & Diet Guide.
  2. If you are Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic then I suggest “Type 2 Diabetic Strategy” which claims to reverse Type-2 diabetes within a month.
  3. If you have bit of will-power, I highly recommend “intermittent fasting“. There are dozen’s ways to do fasting according to your schedule and lifestyle. If you need more information or actionable plan, I recommend getting a copy of Brad Pilon’s Eat-Stop-Eat guide

My 3 recommendation list isn’t “ultimate” or “the best” of any kind. Those are the system I have thoughtfully investigated and feel doable for all. If none of them makes sense to you, then you certainly need to take this supplement before it is too late!

IC-5 gives your Body a Helping Hand

Modern lifestyles do not make it easy to stay in shape. Between sedentary jobs and an abundance of convenient, high calorie and high carbohydrate foods, our environments are making us fat and unhealthy. Take this chance to get back in shape and reclaim your health.

The Biggest Advantage

BioTrust IC-5 can give your body the helping hand it needs to return to optimal functioning levels. If you have been following a traditional western diet for many years, and are now struggling to shift some stubborn belly fat, or lean out other problem areas, then insulin resistance could be the problem.

I’m not going to list another 3 points pros and cons here. I  have already written enough information which is sufficient to make you conclude whether to buy IC-5 or NOT.

How Much Does it Cost?

BioTrust® is company known for producing some really good quality products like LeptiBurn, BioTrust® Low Carb Protein Powder, so the price seems to be bit high. Moreover, it contains some highly potent components like Zychrome® (patent pending).  It costs $69 for a single bottle, but comes down to $59 if you buy higher volume.

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Additional Bonuses:

Every order comes with a practical ‘3 weeks diet menu’ and ’53 fat burning smoothies guide’. All these are on top of ‘1 year money back guarantee’.

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