HGH (Growth Hormone)

Growth Hormone: Importance and Its Functions

Composed of 191 amino acids growth hormone is predominantly a protein hormone which is stored, and secreted by somatotropic cells of the anterior pituitary gland. Also known as somatotropin referring to growth hormone-1 secreted in animal bodies and somatropin referring to human growth hormone commonly abbreviated as HGH.

HGH is the prime hormone responsible for growth and cell reproduction and regeneration in human body. Also functioning as a major anabolic agent, HGH have the ability to control body’s overall energy expenditure, muscle mass and bone density. Alternate objectives of growth hormone include stimulating lipolysis and protein synthesis, reducing glucose intake of the liver, supporting the immune system etc.

Evident from its anabolic characteristics, the amount of HGH can determine the amount of energy body uses up and the muscle tissue growth. But there exists a disorder called growth hormone deficiency caused by abnormalities in the pituitary gland resulting inadequate growth hormone production. The repercussions include reduced muscle mass and bone density, baldness in men and obesity that features predominant fat deposit around waistline. Studies suggest the reverse is also substantive that obesity disrupts the physiological and pathological factors that regulate, suppress or stimulate growth hormone production. The alleged causes for GHD (growth hormone deficiency) ranges from congenital abnormalities to mutation in genes.

Some basic facts about HGH- watch the video below.

Lifestyle approach:

Bodybuilders often rely on techniques to boost growth hormone and consequently their energy expenditure rate, muscle growth rate and fat loss rate. Obesity can be controlled by these dietary and workout patterns. Keeping in mind that amino acids stimulate HGH secretion and carbs stimulates insulin production and correspondingly fat storage, low carb-protein rich diet should be preferred especially for dinner. Getting adequate sleep ensures low level of stress and thus facilitating normal production of HGH. Supplementary stress management techniques can also be practiced. Including weight training in the workout regime can considerably enhance HGH production.

Few words about HGH drugs and supplements

Growth hormone is the principal prescription drug in medicine for children experiencing growth disorders and for adults with growth hormone deficiency. Benefits from these medications variably consists reduced fat, increased lean mass, improved lipid profile, increased bone density, improved psychosocial well-being and reduced cardiovascular risk factors. Also HGH drugs are the most used and abused in various competitive sports, hence its prohibition in many sports community. Obese people can administer these drugs according to a doctor’s prescription along with a workout pattern. Growth hormone replacement therapies are available for those individuals unable to produce normal HGH due various abnormalities and thus reduce obesity and other linked difficulties.



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