Cake Weight Loss Program Review : Another BS Diet?

Cake Weight Loss is a new rapid weight loss diet (FAD) that claims to help you lose 14 pounds of pure body fat in just 14 days!

First, the whole idea seems to be dumb and total bu***s.

Eat cake & lose weight… are you serious?

You never heard of this program? If so, I suggest you to watch the video presentation by clicking below

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Melt 1 pound of fat daily for 14 days with this pastry

However, after going through entire system, I’m slightly convinced. I still have several doubts & its long-term impact.

Quick Review of Cake Weight Loss Program

It involves eating a special cake to help you lose weight fast! It does so by dramatically improving your body’s sensitivity to various weight loss hormones. Try the homemade weight loss cake recipe today!

Over the last 2 decade I have lost lots of weight and gained it back several times. I have no shame in admitting my own failures!

My own 2 decade of fat struggle tells me that, anyone can lose/gain weight by simply controlling their own hormones at will. I have read 1000’s pages of information related to fitness and weight loss. I even read books and articles from 18th century Newspapers & Magazines.

This website is result of my own experience and learned knowledge. I’m not a fitness expert or a dietician.

Alright, what is Cake Weight Loss?

Wes Virgin is the Author of Cake Weight Loss
Wes Virgin is the Author of Cake Weight Loss

It is just another FAD diet that involves various tricks to slim-down quickly. 14 pounds of fat loss in 14 days is an exaggeration by the author. Promise of rapid fat loss is mostly a marketing tactic.

Moreover, no one is going to pay me a dime if I wrote a book called “Lose 5 pounds in one month”

Fast & furious… that’s what the whole world loves. Claims like ‘Eat cake & lose weight’, ‘Drink beer & gain muscle’, ‘How to Have sex 3 times a day’ type of products generally sells well.

Cake weight loss is one among them. First, it gives the freedom to eat what you love (cake) the most, and secondly, it promises rapid-fast result.

That’s what I call, irresistible system.

Does it really work?

Cake weight loss program can work for you even if you don’t eat cake. The trick is playing with your hormones & controlling it.

Insulin, Leptin, Ghrelin, Thyroid, and Serotonin are the 5 hormones responsible for your weight problem. Additionally, Testosterone (in men) and Estrogen (in women) also have some impact on belly fat.

In this website, I have already covered extensive research information on all the weight loss related hormones. However, let me give brief description of each of them.

Insulin, the energy transporter

Insulin sends fatty acids, amino acids and glucose to go to the various cells. After you eat, your blood sugar goes up and the pancreas releases more insulin to regulate it. Excessive carb and sugar leads to a metabolic problem insulin resistance.

Leptin, the hunger hormone

Leptin is the King of hormones, the commander and chief of virtually everything that takes place in your body.  It is the single most important hormone when it comes to understanding why we feel hungry or full. Emotional eating is a result of Leptin resistance.

Ghrelin, the stop eating hormone

Ghrelin is a protein hormone composed of 28 amino acids. It is primarily synthesized and secreted by the P/D1 cells lining the fundus of the human stomach and epsilon cells of the pancreas. If you want to eat more after emptying your plate, you have Ghrelin problem.

Thyroid, the metabolism booster

The hormones it secretes help regulate heart rate, maintain healthy skin, and play a crucial part in metabolism. Thyroid deficiency leads to slower metabolism

Serotonin, the sin hormone

This hormone is also a neurotransmitter and is located in your brain. It is formed from amino acids that come from proteins. This hormone signals the body with a satisfaction feeling. It is also called sin hormone, meaning it encouraged to commit sinful activity.

Basically, Serotonin gives us happiness from eating, playing, watching movie or having sex. That’s why depression leads to weight gain!

If you are in control of all the hormones listed above, then certainly you never have to worry about your belly bulge.

The Cake weight loss program is designed to improve your body’s sensitivity to all the hormones.

Is this a woman only program?

It is marketed towards women. That’s probably because majority of women gain weight due to hormonal imbalances. And not due to lower physical activity. On the other hand, men gain weight due to sedentary lifestyle. Falling testosterone after 30 also plays a role in men’s tummy.

Therefore, my conclusion is that, this program can work for men too.

What you get with Cake weight loss program

What you get with cake weight loss program

Component 1: The Fat Burning Manual.

This is core manual you should download and take print.  And, it covers everything you should be doing to make the weight loss program work.

Component 2: The Detox Manual

Just like any other quick slim programs, Cake weight loss also involve full body detox. We ate crap shi* for decades and did nothing to prevent them clogging our internal organs. Detoxification removes all the craps and parasite from your bulged belly. Many people lose upto 5 pounds from Detox alone!

Component 3: Done for you template

You get 14-day logbook to stick to the program. You will be told what exactly needs to be done on each & every day for 14 days.

Component 4: Fast Action Beach Bikini System

Want to have that sexy, curvaceous bikini beach body? This manual will help you get it quickly.

Additional Bonuses

You get 4 more manuals as a bonus. These bonuses may help many people under different situations.

  • The mummy tummy eliminator
  • Red wine belly trimmer
  • 96 Hour Cellulite diminisher
  • 72 hours to radian skin

I think I have already given enough information about the program. However, it is my duty to enlist both pros and cons.

Here are the benefits

  • You will find out the exact list of foods that hack your weight loss hormones, eliminate toxins, and free up unused energy that will have you feeling light and young again.
  • After you read the first 15 minutes you will learn the answers to why all weight loss plans are made to fail and can fix starting today.
  • Get my best kept secrets to radiant, young, beautiful skin, and smooth cellulite free thighs and legs, no surgeries, needles, or expensive medications!
  • And Finally, Discover the “Mummy Tummy Eliminator” that has helped so many who struggle with that stubborn midsection area especially post-pregnancy for women!
  • At $37, the whole program is reasonably priced.

The Cons & Potential Drawbacks

  • Rapid fat loss programs are normally not a sustainable program
  • Some users may feel fatigue, depressed and totally lost during detox period
  • You may regain the weight back. To eliminate this risk, repeat the program after a short break.
  • Only online digital version is available. You will not get any physical product like books or DVD.

Is this another scam?

I don’t know how you define the term ‘scam’. See, you are paying $37 upfront to get this program. It comes with no-question asked 60 days money back guarantee from Clickbank (the authorized reseller). If it doesn’t work for you, and you want help in getting full refund, just ask me through contact form.

cake customer reviews and testimonials with before after pics

The author could be fake, testimonials shown on website could have been manufactured. However, the entire program is written and developed by a professional nutritionist with lots of knowledge and courage. That much assurance I can give you.

Is there any alternatives?

Yes.. why not? You know it, I know it… almost everyone knows how to lose weight. The problem is, sticking to a plan.

Do you like taking pills to lose weight? If you are sure that you have Insulic sensitivity problem, then you can use IC-5. If you have Leptin problem then you can use Leptiburn

You can try hormones rebalancing ‘Intermittent fasting’. I know, suggesting to fast is a bad idea. But there are lots of science behind fasting for weight loss. You can try “Eat Stop Eat” diet program. Click here for more info.

Cake Weight Loss Conclusion

We are in the middle of 2018. It is probably good idea to start your weight loss journey today instead of 2019.

Cake weight loss, although has several downsides, can give you quick result to stay motivated.

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