Microplastics, Obesogens, Ghrelin Hormone & Weight Gain

Truth about micro plastics, obesogens, grhelin hormone and weight gain. Is this just another marketing hype to sell dodgy supplement?

We dispose enormous amount of plastic waste everyday. Therefore, Micro-Plastics are there everywhere. It in the water you drink, air we breathe and even in the food you eat.

We are recklessly using plastic in our daily life – water bottles, food containers, storage boxes, cosmetics, kids toys ..the list goes on..

Plastic waste becomes invisible microplastic over time and easily gets into the water sources and even gets mixed in the air.

According to Time Magazine Micro-plastics are found even in rain water. Modern complex water filtration systems cannot remove them!

They enter into our food chain easily.

Plastic is made up of many dangerous chemicals, one of which Bisphenol-A or BPA.

Here starts the sad story. Without our knowledge, most of us are already victims of these dangerous substances.

Did you know that these invisible micro-plastics can actually cause havoc in our body?

One of them, perhaps the most disturbing one, is the hormonal imbalance.

YES, One of the route causes for Hormonal problems mostly in women, is dangerous microplastic chemical.

It doesn’t stop here. BPA in microplastic can even affect our hunger hormones! Have you heard of the two important hormones that signal us to feel hungry or feel full?

They are Ghrelin & Leptin hormones.

Ghrelin is responsible for signaling hunger when our stomach is empty. Leptin’s duty is to signal ‘feeling full’ or satisfied after eating a full meal.

Ghrelin & Leptin should act like romantic couple, not like fighting couple who pull each other.

BPA in the plastic leads to excess production of these two important hormones.

When these 2 hormones are not functioning properly or not in optimal level, our hunger, eating habits & sugar cravings increases.

That means, the microplastics can influence even our eating habits like over-eating! Now, we get the answer for unusual food cravings and sudden weight gain.

Moreover, Microplastics enter our body indirectly and can prove very dangerous causing many health problems.

How do we get rid of them?

It is impossible to stop using plastic now, impractical too because we indirectly consume them!

It is found in kids toys, clothings, cosmetics, body wash, shampoo & even toothpaste!

And don’t forget our food packaging products, canned goods and even baby bottles… almost all of them are made with BPA plastics. What’s more? Vehicle exhaust fumes (especially diesel), pesticides and even non-stick vessels contain BPA.

We may not be able to stop microplastics entering our body as they are everywhere.

However, can we reverse the Hormonal imbalance caused by BPAs?

I’m glad you asked me!

This is the real remedy we should look for. Treat the route cause and not the symptom. Perhaps treating the cause may lead to many health benefits.

Periodical detoxification by using lemon, green tea, laxatives do help up to some extent. However, if your goal is to lose weight then you have to go for good supplement.

ProVen is one of the very popular supplement developed by NutraVesta

Almost 10 years CBS News reported about Obesegons… watch the video below

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